What is the overall goal for this Church on Mission challenge?
From Easter 2018 to Easter 2019 we are going to make personal evangelism the new normal for every partner by collectively investing 10,000 hours in personal evangelism through praying, serving, investing, inviting, and sharing Jesus with lost people.

Why do we say “new normal”?
Most partners at Fellowship Raleigh have a normal of investing 2 hours in Sunday worship and 2 hours in Fellowship Group, then maybe a few more hours with their FR community throughout the week. These are very good things. We want to make it just as normal for our FR partners to be investing 2 hours per week in taking the Gospel to people who do not know Jesus Christ. For most of our partners this will be a new normal. It is exciting to think of how God will grow our individual and collective faith in Him as we take this challenge.

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